Welcome to the website for the Envision Culture site in El Salvador!  The Envision site in El Salvador is called “Wired”.  This name has been chosen because our ministry partnerships are not limited to the country of El Salvador and we have helped with churches in surrounding countries.

Our desire is to see people become “wired” to missions, El Salvador, the people of Central America, the missionaries, and most importantly to God and His heart for the world.

The vision of Envision Wired is to accomplish mission by DOING good over FEELING good.  We strive to partner with churches and ministries in El Salvador in order to join them and empower them.  In seeking partnerships, we ask questions like, “What is the church already doing here?”

“How can we pour blessing into them and fill them up without creating dependency?”  “Doing good over feeling good” ministry can be challenging, but ultimately it creates the healthiest partnerships and the best results for the kingdom of God.

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Feel free to check out our website, meet our staff, learn more about El Salvador and God’s work here, and perhaps even schedule a trip!


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