Current AVO MODs

Ministry Opportunity Descriptions for Alliance Volunteer Opportunities



Cost: $750/month

Length: 2-6 months

Description: Engage with our community while developing relationships for Kingdom impact. Gain valuable experience and form meaningful relationships as you assist in our ESL program, refugee outreach, entrepreneurship projects, and/or community clinic.


Cost: $1000/month

Length: 2-9 months; 2 years

Description: For those with a college degree and ministry experience—this volunteer opportunity allows volunteers to help local teens with an after school program teaching English and assist in mentoring programs for teens and university students. The volunteer would also have an opportunity to work with the Women’s Wellness program through teaching fitness classes or helping lead health discussions. Some teaching, coaching, and mentoring local future leaders, home visits, and serving programs are also available as ministry opportunities.


Cost: $700/month

Length: 2 months – 2 years

Description: Volunteers will build relationships with locals and look for opportunities to share Christ through teaching English and helping with various other programs at the community center. They will also attend and serve the local international church. Outside of the center and the church, volunteers will be expected to hang out with locals, participate in team meetings, and to be engaged as full participants in the ministry of the team. Volunteers will also be involved in local language learning. Volunteers will meet regularly for mentoring with one of the career team members.


Cost: $1465/month

Length: 1 – 2 years

Description: For anyone 21+. This internship program is designed to promote spiritual, personal, and professional growth in a cross-cultural, relationally driven, team setting. Building relationships through teaching English, leadership training, and other community opportunities is foundational to this ministry. While each internship will be unique, the following are possible areas of ministry: relationship building, teaching English, youth ministry & mentoring third-culture kids, international student ministry, and video/photography/social media projects



Cost: $1030/month

Length: 6 months; 1 year

Description: Preference for those with TESOL certification—six months or one-year option. Volunteers at this Alliance Volunteer Opportunity will be in the country as a language student seeking a cross-cultural experience through a local program. They will also work as an ESL volunteer with students from age 15 to 30 and have an opportunity to develop mentoring relationships with them. You will also be mentored spiritually and professionally by on-site staff.


Cost: $850/month

Length: 1 month – 2 years

Description: As a volunteer, you will focus on day-to-day interaction and having spiritual conversations. You will use your skills and gifts as you work alongside our community development staff. You will have the opportunity to stay with a host family, take lessons in the local language, and experience outreach and team life. There is a variety of opportunities such as first aid training, development of public relations and donor support content, planning and training for sign language lessons for children with deafness, or teaching English.



Cost: $815/month

Length: August 1- December 20th

Description: Participate in a five-month internship where you will live among the Indonesians, learn from them, and serve the poor with them. You will participate in a spiritual formation cohort, learn the language, attend classes, and serve the community while learning community development principles. Check out for more info.



Cost: $100/month

Length: 3 Month Renewable Commitment

Description: Come serve as a Host Volunteer at Alliance Redwoods, a Christian Camp and Conference Center that provides rest and renewal as well as outdoor adventures for both believers and non-believers. Our mission is to be a place of renewal where our guests meet the Creator in His Creation. While we do not overtly preach the Gospel unless we are asked about our faith, we take every opportunity to love strangers in the name of Jesus and to reflect God’s love for them by providing service that is as tall as our redwood trees! Host volunteers welcome and serve guests in the five new eco-tour treehouses. Volunteers will provide orientation to guests, assist in the kitchen, providing hospitality to guests, and love and pray for guests as they are led! Volunteers will have housing provided for them.


Opportunity: Delta Lake Bible Conference

Cost: $575/month

Length: June 1st – August 25th


Description: Join Delta Lake Bible Conference Center as a Haven Camp Counselor! Responsibilities include caring for special needs campers in a week-long overnight program, typically a 1 to 3 or 4 ratio. You will provide coaching and teaching in daily life skills including monitoring and support of basic hygiene needs. This role includes ensuring the care plans are followed as given by nursing staff and Haven Camp Director. You will assist campers to acclimate to the camp grounds and assist them as needed to engage and participate in camp activities.


Description: You will be responsible to develop, plan and lead arts & crafts for Haven Camp programs& work with the Haven Camp Program Director to establish appropriate and engaging projects for campers; assist counselors where needed.


Description: You will be responsible to develop, plan and lead music for Haven Camp programs, work closely with the Haven Camp Program Director to establish music needs during services and other times throughout the week, & assist counselors where needed.


Description: You will work the overnight shift in the Main Lodge; walking the building and checking each room periodically through the night. You will be responsible to take appropriate and prudent action in emergency situations.


Description: You will be responsible for leading and managing the daily camp program in conjunction with the Haven Camp Director. You will develop and lead Bible lesson curriculum and activities, ensure communication of program needs are monitored and maintained, and assist counselors where needed. You will be responsible to take appropriate and prudent action in emergency situations.



Cost: $1565/month

Length: 1-2 Years

Description: For those with a Bachelor’s Degree. The individual will work with and support missionary families by helping tutor and mentor a classroom for 5-10 junior & senior high school missionary kids. This volunteer will also join a pioneer church planting team, working with long-term missionaries to support local outreach and church planting efforts. Possible ministries include teaching ESL, outreach to children and youth, as well as relationship building in the local community. Language learning will also be a component of this cross-cultural experience.



Cost: $1,730/month

Length: 3 Months – 2 Years

Description: The Center’s purpose is to engage young professionals and their families through offering a variety of educational and cultural programs. Volunteers will work alongside the full-time staff to do 1 on 1 Adult English appointments, English for kids ages 5-10, as well as special seminars and events such as our high school film festival, Thanksgiving party, cooking classes, kids creative workshops, business seminars, etc. We’re always open to offering new seminars and workshops that align with our staff members expertise and areas of passion. Ultimately, the purpose of these activities is to meet people and build trusting relationships with them.


Cost: $1,730/month

Length: 3 Months – 2 Years

Description: Coming soon.



Cost: $1100/month

Length: 3 Months – 2 Years

Description: Through Sports ministry, this Alliance Volunteer will help disciple young Mongolian Christian coaches and kids to reach the city. This volunteer will be tasked to build and maintain a website and app to enroll, educate, and influence coaches and kids families for Christ. Volunteers will also study the language as speaking the local language is crucial for ministry!!



Cost: $1135/month

Length: 3 Months – 2 Years

Description: Join the co-working community in North Africa. You will integrate into the community of local coworkers and build relationships through maintaining a professional presence at the co-working location. Responsibilities include occasionally running the reception desk, fulfilling tasks within the center, participating in group events in the center, all the while studying Arabic part time. You will be free outside of your time in the office to build relationships with locals and learn local culture. Ultimately, you will grow in your capacity to serve internationally. There is potential to teach English or do English coaching. Some French or Arabic preferred.