1-11 month opportunities at an Envision Site for hands-on ministry experience in a cross-cultural setting while helping participants explore long-term service or missional living.

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About Internships

Internships are for individuals interested in serving at one of our Envision sites for 1 month to 11 months. Individuals must be 18 or older by the time they launch with Envision and must be eligible to work within the US.

Would you join us?

Internships are available to anyone who is looking to be developed as a missional leader. Whether an intern is looking to explore a call to missions, desires to spend time serving, or wants to learn more about what it means to live on mission, they will be developed to grow deeper in their faith, capacity, skill sets and leadership skills. Each internship experience has two focuses – gaining practical ministry experience on the missions field and growing in discipleship with Envision Staff.

Get Started

While we don’t have set launch dates for our Internships, we do have a required process for you to complete, prior to launching. As you explore what your role is in God's mission, you will take these these steps:

1) Choose your location by looking at our Envision sites.
2) Apply for your internship.
3) Send out the provided reference form to three people of your choosing.
4) Interview with the Envision National Office.
5) Interview with your selected Envision site.
6) Complete your background check, sign an Offer Letter, and submit a deposit.
7) Complete on-boarding forms and online training.
8) Fundraise, we are here to help and cheer you on.
9) Attend an in-person training, offered two times a year.
10) Launch!


Our DNA that you will experience as you serve with us is as follows:

Real ministry: Participation in strategic Kingdom-changing work, not meaningless tasks

Discipleship: Personal investment and mentoring by site coordinators and associates

Hospitality: Warmly welcomed and well taken care of in a wide variety of ways

Partnership: Meaningful interactions with long-term workers, locals, and the national church

What others think about Internships

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It is amazing to see the ways that God shows up when we are focused on his mission and dependent on his spirit to move. I am beginning to expect God to show up in an unexpected way.


I could share countless testimonies of the Lord's goodness this summer as He truly did immeasurably more than I could have ever asked or imagined in my life and in the lives of those around me.


My site leaders encouraged me and supported me during my whole time here. They were available to me, and contributed much to my growth and development.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin by either filling out the inquiry form above to start a conversation with the Envision National Office.

Or, if you know which Site you want to join, you can apply by clicking the other button at the top of this page.

Internships can range anywhere from 1 -11 months and can launch at any time. Many of our interns fall under the 1-3 month category as they participate in summer internships. However, along with the Site you are hoping to join, you ultimately get to decide! If you’re looking to go longer, you can join our 2 year Residency program as this is a great opportunity for those exploring longer cross cultural service.

Envision requires that all participants love Jesus and are passionate about joining his mission. On top of that, we require that all participants are 18 years or older by the time they launch to the field and are eligible to work in the U.S.

There is also an application process where interns will be interviewed to determine if they are a good match for the site.

All interns are required to raise their support costs. The prices listed on each of our Site Pages (check out our sites pages) will show you the expected field costs per month. This monthly amount includes housing, food, ministry expenses, and transportation while on the field. In addition to the monthly amount, all international interns will have an additional travel insurance fee to raise for – prices vary based on length of service. The internship cost does not include your passport, vaccinations, and plane tickets. However, you can raise extra support funds to cover these costs.

We encourage our interns to raise support from family, friends, and their local church. Not only is this a huge gift to you, but it gives you the chance to partner with the Body of Christ and bring others in on your ministry. If you have never raised support, don’t worry! We will provide resources and help coach you through it.

A non-refundable deposit will be required upon acceptance to the intern program. This deposit will go towards the National Office's work to process you and not your total amount.

Yes! Envision requires that all new Envision participants attend a pre-launch training. We hold these two times throughout the year. As participants from all programs, going to different locations, for different lengths of time attend this training - our time together will focus on spiritual and mental preparation for the field. Our framework for training follows the concepts of Be, Become and Do.

Any location or culture specific training will take place when you arrive to the field.

Throughout your on-boarding process, we will also provide you with some virtual resources to help equip you for your time on the field.

On average, it takes 3-4 months from the start of the process to launching to the field. There are some factors that can affect launch however, ultimately, it depends on you and your motivation on how quickly you can complete the needed tasks.

The two factors that can determine how long it takes include attend one of the required trainings and how long it takes you to be fully funded.

Yes, if you are already enrolled.

If you are already enrolled in a university and they require an internship or cross-cultural practicum, we are more than happy to facilitate it, provided that we meet the qualifications of your school. If this is your situation, bring up the requirements and qualifications during your inquiry or interview. Our site coordinators may be able to mentor you and "sign off" on any requirements necessary for the practicum credits.

While Envision is not an accredited educational institution, we do have a program called Trek Year where we partner with Crown College Online. With Trek Year, you can take college courses while gaining the hands-on ministry experience of an internship.

It is not necessary to speak the language of the country where you are going, but we do highly recommend that you try to learn some of the language before you go. Depending on where you go and for how long, there may be opportunities for you to do some language study while you are on the ground.

That can depend on the site and the time of year. If you are going in the summer, chances are you will be with a few other interns. You will definitely be with our Envision Site staff on the ground, regardless!

We would not send you to one of our sites if we did not think it was safe for you. Something to keep in mind, many of our sites are located in big cities and are in different cultures, so safety may look different than you typically define it in your current context. This is why you have Envision Site staff to guide you and provide you with tips and tricks. We have never had a serious safety incident with any of our interns or volunteers.

Living arrangements depend on the site and time of year you go. Interns may live in a guest house or small apartment with other interns or potentially with a host home. This will be discussed as you get further in the process.