Alliance Volunteer Opportunities

Alliance Volunteer Opportunities allow volunteers to use their passions and skill sets to fill a specific need with one of the three other Alliance Missions Structures (Compassion and Mercy Associates, Marketplace Ministries, aXcess) around the world!

Because of the uniqueness of this program, in order to apply, you must first talk to our team by inquiring above through the Volunteer button!


Alliance Missions has workers serving around the globe within our four unique specializations: Envision, Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), Marketplace Ministries, and aXcess.

Serve among the greater Alliance Missions family!

Alliance Volunteer Opportunities (AVO) are for people who want to support an Alliance International Worker in a hands-on way for at least 1 month up to 11 months. This is the perfect program for anyone wanting to participate in a specific ministry opportunity or in a location that Envision does not have a site. AVOs demonstrate that there is space for everyone to serve through the greater Alliance Missions!

Our AVOs are created from job descriptions created by full-time Alliance Workers serving around the world. This program is seeking individuals with specific skills and passion for fulfilling unique short-term service needs.

All participants in the Alliance Volunteer Opportunity program are sent out through the Envision Office following a process of application, interview, background check, and acceptance to the program. AVOs are fully support-based and attend a required pre-launch training offered two times annually.

HERE are some current AVO opportunities, or what we call VODs (Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions).

Getting Started

To apply, you must start with an initial conversation with the Envision National Office!

While we don’t have set launch dates for our Alliance Volunteer Opportunities, we do have a required process for you to complete, prior to launching. As you explore what your role is in God's mission, you will take these steps:

1) Contact us for an initial conversation.
2) Choose your location to serve.
3) Apply for your AVO.
4) Send out the provided reference form to three people of your choosing.
5) Interview with the Envision National Office.
6) Interview with your selected location.
7) Complete your background check, sign an Offer Letter, and submit a deposit.
8) Complete on-boarding forms and online training.
9) Fundraise, we are here to help and cheer you on.
10) Attend an in-person training, offered two times a year.
11) Launch!

What others think about Alliance Opportunities

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Before I came here I heard and was taught a lot of theory and theology, but now I feel like I understand how to live it out

My time was extremely valuable in preparing me for ministry with an accurate idea of what international work looks like

If I were to choose one word to describe my experience as an Envision AVO this past year, I would say "growth." God has used so many people, especially my team, and so many new experiences to teach me more and more of who He is and more and more of how to become more like Christ...By the grace of God, I can say I am not the same girl who stepped on a plane just over a year ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying, you will need to submit an inquiry with our Envision National Office. Our team will walk you through the process to apply and go to the field!

We will then provide you with an application.

You must know what location you are wanting to go to prior to applying.

Our Alliance Volunteer Opportunities (AVO) are located at non-Envision locations around the world. The Christian & Missionary Alliance have four missions structures, Envision, aXcess, marketplace ministries (mm), and CAMA. An Internship with Envision goes to Envision sites and an AVO goes to a field with CAMA, aXcess, or mm workers.

Internships are focused on the discipleship and development of volunteers. Our AVOs are designed to help meet needs at Alliance Mission fields!

AVOs are perfect for people who want to go to a specific location that Envision does not have a site, or if you have a specific ministry opportunity you want to serve in that Envision does not provide, or if you have a specific skill set that you want to give to the field!

If you aren't sure where you'd like to serve, but know you want to join this program, that's what we are here for. You can check out this link in the section above titled "Volunteer" for a list of current Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions (also known as VODs, essentially job descriptions.)

In the initial conversation with the National Office, we will let you know what Alliance Mission fields have asked for a volunteer. We have several VODs that you can choose from to apply to.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can only send you to fields that actively have a VOD and that have been vetted and approved by the National Office.