Mobilizing adults to utilize their skills, experience, passions, and strengths in order to serve the locals, staff, and volunteers of Envision sites.

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You can GiveBack too!

Envision GiveBack mobilizes individuals with skills, life-experience, resources, and time to strengthen and encourage communities of faith at one of our Envision sites.

Empowering retirees and experienced professionals to serve

The GiveBack program is designed for any professionals or retirees looking to serve alongside our long term Alliance Workers at one of our Envision sites! This 1-11 month volunteer opportunity can be tailored to fit any volunteer’s gifting set, skills, and schedule. This program allows volunteers to engage in the same ministry opportunities and locations as our internships while providing them an experience to give back and serve on the field.

Getting Started

While we don’t have set launch dates for our GiveBack program, we do have a required process for you to complete, prior to launching. As you explore what your role is in God's mission, you will take these these steps:

1) Questions? Reach out and you can learn more about this program
2) Choose your location by looking at our Envision sites.
3) Apply for GiveBack.
4) Send out the provided reference form to three people of your choosing.
5) Interview with the Envision National Office.
6) Interview with your selected Envision site.
7) Complete your background check, sign an Offer Letter, and submit a deposit.
8) Complete on-boarding forms and online training.
9) If needed, fundraise. We are here to help you and cheer you on.
10) Attend an in-training, offered two times a year.
11) Launch!

What others think about GiveBack

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I'm seeing spectacular growth in each place where I have been, preaching, sharing, encouraging, and being so greatly encouraged by the "sow, water, reap" progression... Maybe I'll retire when I get home... I can't thank you enough for making this whole Envision experience the dream of a lifetime.

I’ve gone on 2 volunteer opportunities now through Envision and they don’t disappoint! Everyone’s experience is going to be different, but one thing that is constant is the WHO behind our reason for going. God honors our act of obedience as sent ones, turning the uncertainties and our fears of the unknowns into something beautiful beyond what we can imagine.

God is reshaping what missions is to me...Coming home I want to live on mission; Missions doesn’t end because I came home but how do I live that out daily.

I’m going on adventures for the privilege of serving the Kingdom, and the rewards are beyond measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin by filling out the inquiry form - button linked above- to start a conversation with the Envision National Office.

Or, if you know which Site you want to join, you can go to the button at the top of this page to apply.

GiveBack is a program suited for those who are professionals in their field or for retirees, typically those who are 36 years and older. This program aims to provide these participants with a space to partner and serve alongside Envision locations versus the developmental and discipleship aspects of internships! GiveBack participants have the unique opportunity to utilize their current skills and professions when partnering with a site.

The ministry opportunities available to a GiveBack participant can be found on the individual site pages on Envision’s website. Any specific interests or skills that a participant would like to use on the field should be communicated to the intern coordinator. We can help find the best fit!

Participants can serve at any Envision Site. If you are interested in another Alliance location, check out our Alliance Volunteer Opportunities!

We don’t have set launch times for our GiveBack participants. A participant can choose the time of year they’d like to go and the length of time on the field. Envision training dates and fundraising timeline are two considerations when determining launch date.

GiveBack volunteers can serve at a site for a minimum of one month and up to eleven months! You can do more than one GiveBack opportunity. You will need to have a month at home in between.

Envision requires that all participants love Jesus and are passionate about joining His mission. On top of that, we require that all participants are eligible to work in the U.S.

Envision also requires that all new Envision participants attend a pre-launch training. We hold these two times throughout the year. As participants from all programs, going to different locations, for different lengths of time attend this training - our time together will focus on spiritual and mental preparation for the field. Our framework for training follows the concepts of Be, Become and Do.

Any location or culture specific training will take place when you arrive to the field.

There is also an application process where volunteers will be interviewed to determine if they are a good match for the site.

It is not necessary to speak the language of the country where you are going, but we do highly recommend that you try to learn some of the language before you go.

Depending on where you go and for how long, there may be opportunities for you to do some language study while you are on the ground.

Living arrangements depend on the site and time of year you go. Participants may live in a guest house or small apartment with other volunteers or potentially in a host home. This will be discussed as you get further in the process.