Trek Year

1-2 semester internship experience pairing cross-cultural ministry with academic credits in partnership with Crown College.

Complete a year of college online while serving cross-culturally

Trek Year is available at any of our Envision sites with an option for in-person classes at Envision: Berlin!

Make missions your classroom

Trek Year is a Crown College and Envision partnership that integrates course work with missions experience; participants get to take a break from the classroom without taking a gap year! This program focuses on discipleship, ministry training, academics, and sharpening cross-cultural skills. As participants pair knowledge with action, they also receive discounted tuition through Crown College. This is available for undergrad or masters degrees.

Take a year to serve in a different culture, explore a new city, and develop in your calling and identity—all while earning academic credits with Crown College.

Getting Started

While we don’t have set launch dates for our Trek Year Program, we do have a required process for you to complete, prior to launching. As you explore what your role is in God's mission, you will take these these steps:

1) Choose your location by looking at our Envision sites.
2) Apply for your internship.
3) Send out the provided reference form to three people of your choosing.
4) Interview with the Envision National Office.
5) Interview with your selected Envision site.
6) Once accepted, if you have not already, apply to Crown College Online.
7) Complete your background check, sign an Offer Letter, and submit a deposit.
8) Complete on-boarding forms and online training.
9) Fundraise, we are here to help and cheer you on.
10) Attend an in-person training, offered two times a year.
10) Launch!

What others think about Trek Year

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During this Trek Year, God has been teaching me how to ground myself in His word AND rely on Him in everything. With all of the intensity that college, ministry, and cross-cultural living brings, I have found it impossible to operate out of my own strength...Once I gave up control and trusted what God was doing in my life, did I began to see the fruit. The ministry that I was focused on became so life-giving, relationships with locals went deeper, and I could finally assess what was going on inwardly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin by filling out the inquiry form at the top of this page, to start a conversation with the Envision National Office. Or, if you know which Site you want to join, you can go to the second button at the top of this page and apply!

You will need to apply to Crown College directly for the school portion of this experience.

The cost of the internship and tuition are handled separately by Envision and Crown College. Crown College provides a 25% off tuition (est. $342/credit) - more details found on the FAQ. The support you raise for the internship would also cover your room and board for the year!

Crown College Cost:
Tuition: $342.00 per credit for Trek Year students taking 12 credits/semester (that’s 36% savings!)
Technology Fee: $150 per semester
Text Books: Roughly $100 per course

Envision On-Site Cost:
The on-site cost includes lodging, food, on-site transportation, utilities, and ministry expenses. It does not cover any personal expenses (e.g. souvenirs, entertainment, etc.). *Students are able to raise support to cover the amount below. Monthly costs vary by site.

Other Costs:
You are able to raise extra support for travel costs (airfare, visa costs, etc.). Round-trip airfare varies depending on location. Costs are comparable to four-year public in-state universities and are significantly less than most private Christian universities.

Costs are subject to change.

As for discretionary spending, a majority of the living expenses are covered in the on-site expenses. You will need to provide your own personal spending money for items such as entertainment, extra travel, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

Crown College Expenses: Tuition is due prior to the start of each semester (mid-August and mid-January).

Envision Expenses: You will need to have the first two months of your total funds raised by the 10th of the month before you launch, as well as 100% of the rest of your funds pledged for the following months.

You are encouraged to raise support for the Envision on-site costs and airfare to get there. Envision will provide fundraising resources.

You are required to have all their on-site costs covered by the 10th of the month before your launch date.

Support raising will be through the Christian and Missionary Alliance National Office.

ALL funds received from the C&MA National Office to your support account will be tax-deductible, and supporters will get a receipt for their records. In order for donors to receive a tax-deductible receipt, they must send checks directly to the C&MA National Office or make the donation through the C&MA give page.

If you receive any cash donations or cash any checks to your personal bank account, it will be your responsibility to report it as taxable income, and donors WILL NOT receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Money that is raised through your support account from the C&MA give page is not refundable. All gifts made to your support account is deemed a donation and is not a form of payment.

Students attending Crown College may be eligible for some form of financial aid.

Crown provides a 25% reduction in tuition to Trek students, but no further institutional aid is available.

Students who fill out the FAFSA may be eligible for federal grants and loans.

Please refer to Crown College Financial Aid for more information.

Trek Year participants can go for 1 semester or a full school year. We can also explore going multiple years of schooling.

The ministry opportunities depend on the location you join us at. You can do Trek Year at any of our sites. We also have potential for in person classes at our Berlin site! With Trek Year, your time will approximately be divided up into 20 hours of ministry a week while doing 30 hours of school work.