Envision Berlin began in 2020 as a new extension of Alliance Missions, which has been in Berlin for over 25 years. Through strategic partnerships, our desire is to help grow a multiplying church network that gives Germans and Internationals opportunities to encounter and walk with Jesus, innovatively and creatively sharing the Good News, and developing missional leaders.

Less than 2% of Berliners go to church on a Sunday morning. NE Germany has the highest concentration of self-described Atheists in the world. The destruction of WWII followed by a communist government resulted in the elimination of almost all religion. Some fill this spiritual hole with humanistic moralism, others by collecting pieces from multiple religions. Most people feel a responsibility to help the poor and sick, and to take care of Earth´s resources, even if they don’t think there is a Higher Power.

An intriguing mix of old and new, this capital has a long history. People come here from all over the world for many reasons, including its openness to diversity, for study, and for artistic and business opportunities. About four million people live inside the city limits, but it feels like both one big city and a bunch of small neighborhoods at the same time.

Envision Berlin invites you to help share the love of Christ in NE Germany while going deeper in your own faith.

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Ways to serve in Berlin

  • Media Production
  • Music & Art
  • Church Partnership
  • Relational Outreach
  • Practical Service
  • Refugee Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

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Mike & Elissa Picconatto

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Stephen & Jennie Jones

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