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Envision New York City has a vision to see diaspora communities reached and engaged in God’s mission, beginning among the West African diaspora of Harlem and the Bronx as well as the Arabic-speaking diaspora of Brooklyn.

New York City is a global city. Over 800 languages are spoken here. Immigrants from around the world have come for education, job opportunities, and many other reasons. There are more foreign-born immigrants in NYC than there are people in Chicago! The nations are represented in this city, and God wants them to embrace Him here and share Him with their family and friends around the world.

Diaspora-a group of people living in a place other than their country of origin

We desire to reach those in diaspora communities who have yet to encounter Jesus championing and partnering with those in the diaspora who know Jesus and are called to reach their people with the gospel . In NYC, there are at least 52 unreached people groups represented. Of these "people on the move" around the world, almost 50% already know Christ, but for a multitude of reasons, many are not able to join in God’s mission. Perhaps they haven’t been equipped, maybe there are fears, or maybe they just don’t know how to begin in this new setting—whatever the case, we want them to pursue God and His calling and help champion for them to be fully engaged with Jesus’ mission.

Even though the numbers of global migrants are significant, the percentage of the world’s population that is on the move is only three percent, and so we still want to be preparing disciples of Christ who reach both those on the move and others who live close by who have always lived in NYC.

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  • Diaspora/Immigrant Ministry
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  • Teaching English
  • Prayer Walking
  • Evangelism
  • Youth & Kids Ministry
  • Cross Cultural Immersion

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