Envision Indonesia's hope is to see more Indonesians choose to follow Jesus and then share the good news with other Indonesians. Their goal is to enable teams, interns, and residents to build solid relationships with nationals that allow space for sharing God's love with them.

Indonesia is an archipelago located in South East Asia, just north of Australia. It is made up of 17,500 islands and is the fourth most populous nation in the world with roughly 240 million people. 145 million of these people live on the island of Java, making it the most populous island on the face of the planet! The Envision site is located on this island in the city of Bandung (population: 5 million people).

God has been at work in Indonesia well before we arrived, and He will continue His work well after our time here is complete. As international workers in Indonesia, we do not start from scratch, but rather join the momentum, the vision, and the history of God’s master plan here. One thing that is important to Envision Indonesia is that everything we do be based on relationships we build with nationals.

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TRIP COST: $995 per person for a 10-day trip

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INTERN COST: $1200 per month

Ways to serve in Indonesia

  • Local Church Partnership
  • Relationship Building
  • Teaching English
  • Sports Ministry
  • Orphanage Ministry
  • Teen Moms
  • Prison Ministry
  • Organic Farm

Our Team

J.P. and Judy Schultz

Cassandra House

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