UPDATE: The Residency program is currently on hold for redesign until 2024. Inquiries will be accepted fall of 2023.

  • Ministry Readiness
  • Discipleship Values
  • Cross-Cultural Agility
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual Soul Depth
  • Spiritual Awareness

2-year Residency Program

An Envision Residency is designed to provide an opportunity for hands‑on ministry experience in a cross-cultural setting while preparing a person for long-term service. This two-year program is cohort-based, intentionally aimed to multiply and mobilize the next generation of missional leaders.

Cross-cultural ministry experience to explore your call

This two-year program is cohort-based, intentionally aimed to develop leaders in ministry readiness, discipleship values, cross-cultural agility, leadership, and spiritual depth. If you would like to learn more about being a part of an Envision Residency, please consider reaching out this coming fall.

All About Residencies

An Envision Residency is particularly designed for individuals or couples with a desire to serve long-term in ministry, whether Residents find themselves overseas or living missionally where they are. This experience is an opportunity to "test out" a lifestyle of ministry at one of our Envision sites, learning from and being coached by our site leadership.

The Residency Program launches at various times throughout the year. Cohorts meet together for pre-field training and then progress through intentional content on a semester-based timeline at their site of service. Using a mixture of tools, resources, and one-on-one coaching, Residents will be led through topics that help prepare them for a lifetime of missional service.

Equipping leaders

Our residency program focuses on development in these 5 areas...
Ministry Readiness: This is a sacred space to explore your voice, gifting, and calling, and can serve as a “next step” to see if you will serve overseas, work in a local church, or live on mission where you are. Prerequisites for long-term vocational service with the C&MA are woven into this content. While a long-term role is not guaranteed, this is a great way to get on-field experience and take steps toward long-term opportunities.

Discipleship Values: We develop values for the lifestyle of a disciple who makes disciples, including the necessity for development of character, expansion of teachability, growth in self-awareness, knowledge of Scripture, and intentionality of personal growth.

Cross-Cultural Agility: We focus on an understanding of culture and how to navigate it effectively. This manual zeros in on what culture is, how to be teachable, how to have impactful cross-cultural relationships and ministry, and how to be a different cross-cultural leader.

Leadership: We want you to grow as effective cross-cultural leaders who excel in leadership of both themselves and others. You will focus on five growth areas: disciplines, habits, skills and knowledge, self-awareness, and spiritual intimacy and health.

Spiritual Soul Depth and Awareness: We want you to grow in depth and intimacy with Jesus. We will focus on self-awareness in story, soul, and spiritual life, and seek wholeness by identifying wounds and exploring patterns in family of origin and identity lies. We do this in a safe place with mentors and peers and take time to name identity in Christ, memorize Scripture, and listen for God’s voice in our lives.

What others think about Residency

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I have experienced a new culture and people that God beautifully created which has been so cool! It’s been a great journey of growth and learning how to love the local people.


UPDATE: The Residency program is currently on hold for redesign until 2024. Inquiries will be accepted fall of 2023.