Two year residency program equipping International Worker candidates and preparing them for long-term service with Alliance Missions.

Envision Residency Program

Designed to prepare those with a call to long-term cross-cultural missions, this two-year program is cohort-based and intentionally aimed to develop, train, and mobilize the next generation of Alliance International Workers.

The beginning of your journey with Alliance Missions

There is a great need for more workers to go to the harvest fields across the globe. The Alliance is committed to going to the hard places and being a gospel presence among those who lack gospel access. It does so by sending long-term workers through Alliance Mission's four specializations—(CAMA, marketplace ministries, aXcess, and Envision). The Envision residency program lays out a pathway for long-term service with Alliance Missions in the specializations listed above. It combines hands-on experiences providing practical opportunities to gain and refine ministry skills, life on life discipleship helping embrace the pursuit of Christ and the whole life, and tailored educational classes strengthening the residents' candidacy and preparation for Alliance Missions service.

Residency Candidates

Envision residents are those who have discerned God's call upon their lives and are willing to take the next step towards their unique role in God's mission.

We are looking for residency candidates who:

  • Are mature in their walk with the Lord
  • Have a sense of call from God towards long-term missions
  • Desire to live and be equipped in a cross-cultural context
  • Have experience in a ministry and/or vocational work context
  • Have a learning posture and a teachable spirit

Residents will be developed in the areas of:

  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Wholeness
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Biblical & Theological Groundedness
  • Global & Cross-Cultural Proficiency
  • Ministry Effectiveness
  • Deployment Readiness

Next Cohort launch points will be:

  • October 2024 - application deadline is March 15, 2024
  • May 2025
  • January 2026


Here's what you can expect!

  1. Have questions? Reach out to our office
  2. Ready to apply? Get started here
  3. Preliminary Review
  4. First Interview
  5. Full Application
  6. Second Interview
  7. Acceptance and On-boarding
  8. Fundraising
  9. Pre-Field Training
  10. Launch

What others think about Residency

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As a missional leader of the next generation, I am encouraged by the relevance of the material and questions I have engaged with. Coming to the end of my residency, I am eager to further use skills and concepts the program has equipped me with.


My time as a resident with Envision has sharpened and strengthened my walk with Jesus while assisting me as I discern my missional calling. Through this program, I have been deeply immersed in a new culture, cultivated genuine friendships, and been able to serve God using my passions and gifts.


My time as a resident has been a season of my life marked by the Lord's faithfulness to develop me in humility, compassion, and perseverance... a challenging, rich curriculum of Christlikeness, taught by Christ Himself. May every resident to come be left with the fruit of their own soul's sanctity by receiving the Lord's perfect will each day, as has been true for me.


The residency program has provided invaluable space to grow. The material covered has been relevant, practical, and intentional. Combined with one-on-one mentorship and an emphasis on spiritual development, I have felt equipped for the work God is doing in my life. The realities of living overseas can be difficult, and Envision has proved a supportive environment. I am thankful for this program, and the groundwork it has laid for me both spiritually and interculturally as I look towards the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

While placement cannot be guaranteed, the Envision residency program is designed to move candidates towards placement with Alliance Missions.