Welcome to Virtual Envision Training! If you have found yourself here, you are getting ready to launch to an Alliance field or Envision site around the world but are unable to attend our group training session. Ultimately, the goal of training is to begin the process of developing you into a missional leader. In the content below, you will learn more of who you are and how you operate in the world in order to better join the Father in what He is doing!

You will receive specific site training when you arrive on the field. The details of what to pack, where to fly into, and what you will do day to day should come from your Site Leader! While the details and structures are necessary as you prepare to launch, we are also invested in who you are becoming as a person. Our prayer is that in these weeks before you launch, the content below and time you take diving in will help you learn a bit more about how to BE before you DO. This is the foundation to how we become disciples and then go on to make disciples as missional leaders in the world.

Remember: Ultimately, you will get out of training what you put into it. Each individual that joins Envision is coming from different walks of life. You may be someone that invests in building self awareness already or perhaps you’ve been trained in missiology and culture. And to that I say, YAY! Use your experiences. At the same time, we, as believers, are called to get the fresh manna each day – to continually learn & engage in our faith – rather than settling in as mere passengers acting as though we’ve arrived. If you are willing, the Lord has something for you in this training time and in this time of service with Envision!

Before you dive into any of the content, take some time with the Lord. Quiet yourself and enter into a time of surrender. This time is His, this volunteer opportunity or internship is HIS, and you are His. Ask the Lord what He wants to do in you and through you both in this training and in your upcoming Envision trip.

As you walk through the content below, take your time and go at your own pace (maybe even watch the content twice if you need to). Your site has been instructed to walk through this content with you once you arrive on the field to further discuss what you are learning.

We are SO grateful you are a part of the Envision Family. We are committed to doing our best to equip you with the information you need and create space for the Lord to do what only He can do.

Note: These recordings were created originally for a hybrid training of in person trainings and recorded videos. You may hear the speaker referring to a group discussion time, keep in mind this will not be the case for your training.



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Security & Safety

Minimize the Risk Handout

Personal Safety Plan Handout


Culture Training Part 1:

Part 1 Slides

Part 1 Culture Experience Activity

Unconscious Bias Handout


Culture Training Part 2:

Part 2 Slides

Part 2 Reflection Questions


Prior to completing the Soul Care training below, begin here: Soul Care Pre-Reading


Soul Care Part 1: Identity

Part 1 Reflection Acitivties

Soul Care Part 2: Spiritual Authority

Part 2 Reflection Activities


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